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About us

ZTech Solutions operates in Rhodes, Greece since 2004 in the topic of Wireless Ordering Systems for Restaurants, Nightclubs, Bars, Cafes, Beach Bars etc. We have developed our own Wireless Ordering System OrderFAST that is evolving for the past 15 years to cover all the requirement of our clients while providing a reliable and robust system.

Since 2016 we are developing MyWaiter which provides our clients with another competitive advantage; the ability to receive orders directly from their customers smartphones an tablets. Their customers can view the bussines pricelist in their own language with photographs and detailed descriptions of the menu items. Thus a hotel customer can send a room service order directly from her room or a beach bar customer can send an order from his sunbed without having to search for a waiter.

To contact us please use :

ZTech Solutions,

Postal Address : Marathonos 8, Rhodes 85100, Greece

Phone : +302241400079, +30694558689

Σύστημα MyWaiter
OrderFAST : Σύστημα ασύρματης παραγγελιοληψίας
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