Convert your tablet to an order printer!

PrinterEmulator for Android enables you to convert your tablet to an order printer so you can virtually print on the tablet. In this way printouts appear on your tablet so you can manage them easily.

Convert your tablet to an order printer One printout view

Advantages of PrinterEmulator

  • Stop wasting paper
  • No more lost printouts
  • Place your tablet where you really need the information thanks to WiFi
  • Easily view printouts by selecting them from the list
  • Easily remove from the list not needed printouts (completed orders)
  • Visible and audible alarm for every new printout
  • Clearly visible printout separation by red line
  • Zoom in and out easily so you can read everything
  • By selecting the bell (the new printout icon) the latest printout is displayed
  • The tablet can be connected to ordering systems as a printer

Convert your tablet to an order printer by installing PrinterEmulator on your tablet. This will enable it to connect to restaurant ordering systems like OrderFAST an an thermal printer compatible to EPSON (esc/pos standard). PrinterEmulator is compatible with any character set. Additionally it can show bardcodes, qrcodes and images like a real printer. Printouts are separated by a red line at the paper cut point.

How to use PrinterEmulator

Printout management is really easy. Printouts appear either one below the other or as thumbnails on the right of the screen. By selecting a thumbnail, the corresponding printout appears on the main view area. If you want to delete a printout (for example a completed order) from the list, you just touch the garbage bin. From the list icon you can return toy default viewing of printouts with one below the other.

Setting up PrinterEmulator

From settings you can easily get the IP address of your tablet so you can connect it to the restaurant ordering system (for example OrderFAST) in the place of a real printer. You can also change the default printing port (9100) if required. Additionally, you can select the required character set (for example Windows-1252), the number of printouts you want to track in the list and the time for which the new printout alarm should appear.

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