MyPricelist is a multilingual app used to easily present your pricelist to your customers!

MyWaiter Electronic Pricelist presents your pricelist on your customer mobile device (smartphone or tablet) or on a tablet that you may present to your customers to view your pricelist. The pricelist is downloaded to the phone when the customer scans a QRCode which can be on the table, for example printed on the sousplats or the tablecloth. When the customers scan the qrcode with their mobile the pricelist appears in the web browser as in the following pictures:

Τιμοκατάλογος 1
Οι κατηγορίες
Είδη τιμοκαταλόγου
Είδη τιμοκαταλόγου
Είδη τιμοκαταλόγου
Είδη τιμοκαταλόγου

The application gets data from the online pricelist of MyWaiter which is the same used by the ordering system OrderFAST. Thus, any changes on OrderFAST are automatically reflected on e-Pricelist! It can also be used to present your pricelist on a tablet, that can be passed to customers that don’t have a smartphone. Additionally, it can be used on big touch screens at the entrance to present your pricelist to prospecting customers.

When used by on customer’s smartphones the pricelist is automatically shown on the correct language according to the language set on the customer’s phone.

Additionally, a link appears to enable your customer to install our MyWaiter application which can be used to either only view the pricelist or let the customer send orders directly if you permit this from the MyWaiter backoffice. . In this case the qrcode on each table must be separately printed since it must contain the table identifier. The qrcodes are automaticaly produced in MyWaiter backoffice.

iBeacon support: MyWaiter supports the Bluetooth iBeacon technology through which it is possible for the MyWaiter app to automatically detect the position of your customer and automatically download the correct pricelist without scanning the qrcode. Thus, only customers that are actually in the premises can send orders.

Pricelist language and photo management

When you need to edit translations or photos you can login to MyWaiter backoffice. There you can upload photos for menu items or edit translations.  Also, you can download xls files with language data and upload xls files with translations. Additionally, if required you can edit prices, item descriptions, add new menu items or delete or hide others. When this happens the app automatically uses the latest pricelist also OrderFAST is updated.

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