A Beach Bar pricelist

MyPricelist is an application used to present a Pricelist in a multilingual environment operating on Android Tablets or large touch screens on computers running Windows 10.

The application retrieves information from the MyWaiter online pricelist. It can be used either to present the pricelist on a tablet that the customers use in the premises, or the pricelist can be displayed on a large touch screen at the entry.

The application provides the ability to easily change languages using flags buttons. The menu items are displayed per category with photographs and detailed information available by selecting a menu item.

Pricelist ManagementΑναλυτικές πληροφορίες είδους με φωτογραφία

Every time you need to change the pricelist you just login to MyWaiter backoffice and from there you can add or remove menu items or categories, change prices, add or remove photographs or change the detailed descriptions. The app will automatically download the new pricelist whenever it changes.

In addition you can translate your pricelist to as many languages required and the new languages will become available in the app.