OrderFAST Wireless Ordering System

Wireless Ordering on Android

OrderFAST is wireless ordering platform for restaurants, cafes, children playgrounds, beach bars, night clubs and hotels. It is modern, stable, reliable and fast solution made to make your work much easier. It is used by dozens of bussineses in Rhodes, Greece and elsewere. Is is developing and imporving since 2004.

The wireless terminals for waiters and bar tenders work on cheap android

Οι οθόνες σερβιτόρου της ασύρματης παραγγελιοληψίας OrderFAST

smartphones and tablets and main server is a simple windows PC. You can have as many printers as necessary so every item is printed where it is required. Every printer can produce multiple printouts. In case a printer runs out of paper the printout is not lost but it imediately prints when paper is loaded in the printer. I

n addition the system users are informed that the printer stoped printing.

OrderFAST wireless ordering system supports “extras” on a POS level, per category or at the menu item level. In this way for every item the extras that appear for the waiter are the POS level extras, the category level extras and the item extras. In addition extras can manipulate the item price and also extras support quantity, something very usefull for things like ice cream scoops.

With OrderFAST you can have as many POS positions and pricelists as you need.

Επιχειρηματίας παρακολουθεί την επιχείρηση του με την ασύρματη παραγγελιοληψία OrderFAST

Cooperation with MyWaiter

OrderFAST can receive, record and print automatically orders from MyWaiter through which your clients can directly send orders using our app. This especilay usefull in situations where there is a large space and it is difficult for the client to locate and call the waiter (such as beach bars with  sunbeds on the beach, hotels with room service etc). In case an order is sent by MyWaiter it is embeded in the ordering system and printed just as any order from a waiter.

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